L’Atelier Source For Talent

L’Atelier Source for Talent offers creative retreat workshops mainly in Westhampton (NY) and Philadelphia (PA), but also in Belgium, Italy and Mexico. We invite individuals to experience a new shift in their heart, mind and spirit and to embody their creative genius through their unique talents and mission.

L’Atelier Source for Talent is a supportive, inspiring and warm environment that opens channels to creative self-expression and the whispers of the spirit. Genuine sharing and heartfelt feedback will nurture your self love, clarity and trust.


Teranga Yoga

Teranga Yoga strengthens, awakens and opens people’s bodies, hearts and minds through hot yoga + world music, creating powerful agents of change.

Teranga Yoga believes that meaningfully uniting yoga and music can have transformational results on our bodies, as we move with breath and beats; our hearts, as we open ourselves to new languages, cultures, musical traditions and opportunities; and our minds, as we calm its waves through the practice.

Teranga Yoga seeks to empower individuals, broaden perspectives and encourage positive changes within oneself, and consequently the community and the world.


Newhouse Art Associates

Newhouse Art Associates has been serving the art community for the last three decades by helping collectors establish an evolving collection, working with artists to expand  and extend into business channels, curating new and exciting museum and gallery exhibitions and bringing our artist’s portfolio to the attention of the directors.